February 17, 2020
By: Emily Stines   

First Stop on our Best of Kentucky Tour - coffee & donuts with Landmark of Laurel Creek!

Heart is one thing that Landmark of Laurel Creek has an abundance of! Walking through the entrance and through the hallways, you feel the cozy atmosphere the residents and staff love so much. Everyone is considered family and their long-tenured staff is proof of such.  Professional achievement award winners Judy Gregory and Nancy Lawson have been with the facility for over 40 years and 36 years, respectively. In fact, if you add up all of the years of experience from LLC staff, the total would be over 100 years! That's a lot of senior care expertise! 

Because the facility has such an accomplished staff, it's easy to see that the Landmark of Laurel Creek facility has an excellent reputation in the community of Manchester. The facility is a sponsor of many events such as The American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Back to School Bash, a local 5K run, and the Hammock project. The facility raises funds and donates hammocks which are taken to Belize by missionaries. This affords the people in Belize a place to sleep off of the ground and away from mosquitoes. 

On a cold, snowy winter day in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky, we were grateful to the residents and staff of Landmark of Laurel Creek for sharing their locally-made donuts and iced coffee made by one of their own staff members. We met a lady with strong connections to the local church down the road, who said her favorite activity by far was, of course, BINGO! We also had the pleasure of meeting a sweet 104-year old lady in a beautiful red dress. When asked about any good stories or memories from her time, she replied, "Well, I can't remember them!"

We look forward to the next time we can visit this wonderful facility.


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