Recruitment and retention for our long-term care members is one of our top priorities. An increased demand for services due to an
aging population and a declining supply of individuals seeking and maintaining careers in this profession are factors responsible 
for a looming workforce crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased this need and brought awareness to an ever-increasing 
issue.  This page has information and resources to help long-term care providers in their efforts to recruit, train, and retain quality


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Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services 
This temporary waiver permits a long-term care facility to employ a trained personal care attendant (PCA) to perform defined resident care procedures that do not require the skill or training required for a state-registered nurse aid (SRNA) who has successfully completed the nurse aide training and competency evaluation program established by 907 KAR 1:450. 
Thanks to Governor Beshear and Rep. Kim Moser, a PCA can now apply these hours worked (certain criteria must be met) to receive their certification with the passing of House Bill 276.
Temporary COVID-19 Personal Care Attendant Waiver
State-Registered Nurse Aide FAQ & Resources

Fostering Success
Fostering Success is a 10-week workforce development initiative sponsored by the Department for Community Based Services that provides current and former foster youth the opportunity to participate in a paid internship while receiving professional development and career planning support. The goal of the program is to provide participants an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to excel in the emerging workforce. Youth participants are between the ages of 18-23 with at least a high school diploma. In the last five years, approximately 300 youth have participated in the program. DCBS is looking to collaborate with employers to act as worksite providers for participants. Companies will have the opportunity to add valuable manpower to their workforce while assisting foster youth in developing marketable skills.
For more information, please read this employer invitation letter.
Read this flyer about Fostering Success.

American Health Care Association
Toolkit, Webinar, How To's, Insurance Solutions, Strategies, Career Center, and more!
Workforce Resources for LTC Organizations 
LTC Career Center Job Board


Partners, powered by Academic Platforms

KAHCF/KCAL partners with CNA Online, a program of Academic Platforms, AHCA's preferred provider, to allow non-facility based and facility-based training programs to incorporate online didactic nurse assistant training in conjunction with their existing clinical training. 
Course Features and Benefits:

  • Utilizes the latest version of AHCA’s renowned How To Be A Nurse Assistant curriculum
  • Provides 24/7 access to all content on smartphones, tablets PCs and Macs
  • E-book/lectures/video instruction are cloud-based - no downloads or installs
  • Audiobook capability
  • Practice tests, study guides, quizzes and chapter reviews
  • Competency-based skills checklists with visuals and videos
  • Scheduled in- person skills and clinical training
  • Grading software for instructor to evaluate students electronically
  • Data analytics include class activity reports, data by student, student competency
  • Design that allows organizations the ability to include customized content

The association has added a volume discount tiered payment option for members who wish to launch the program at multiple facilities and who agree to guarantee a minimum number or pre-paid students

  • 50 prepaid student fees = 10% discount
  • 75 prepaid student fees = 15% discount
  • 100 prepaid student fees = 20% discount



Matchwell helps organizations reduce their agency and overtime usage by matching them with qualified, pre-vetted care staff, nurses and therapists directly and transparently, without markups, bill rates or buyout fees. Whether you are in acute, post-acute or education, contact us today to build your flexible workforce.


 Tri-State Nursing

For over 27 years Tri State Nursing has assisted long term care facilities and hospitals with their nursing staffing shortages due to unexpected absences, turnover, vacations, injuries, and changing census.  We are currently licensed in 18 states including Kentucky.



Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center's Talent Pipeline Management Program
In partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Cabinet for Education and Workforce Development, Kentucky's Talent Pipeline Management is an employer-led demand-driven approach for businesses to create and manage talent 'supply chains' by projecting talent needs and aligning those with education and workforce development systems.
What We Do and Team
Talent Pipeline Map
Contact Sheet
Interested in partnering? Read the employer invitation letter. The next program session begins June 1, 2021. Contact the Talent Pipeline team now!


 Kentucky Community & Technical College System

KCTCS is Kentucky's primary provider of workforce education, delivering programs and services that address the full spectrum of needs faced by business and industry, as well as, programs for individuals who want to upgrade their skills. We are training Kentucky's workforce today for the jobs of tomorrow.
Nurse Aide Coordinators  throughout Kentucky
Workforce Solutions page
Work Ready Kentucky
Medicaid Certified Nurse Aide
Contact: Kim Nealis-Williams