CARES® Online Dementia Care Training Programs

KCAL has received approval from the Office of Dementia Services for the CARES® Dementia Curriculum. Assisted living providers can use this training to meet the requirements of 910 KAR 4:010.


Please note that Providers will still need to submit a Dementia Curriculum Review Application that states the pre-approved CARES® training they will implement.  They will not need to submit copies of the training or any other requirements listed at the bottom of the application. 

Official approval letter from Office of Dementia Services-Click here

How to purchase the Pre-Approved CARES® on-line training ( 6 hour of initial dementia training)

The Office of Dementia Services has reviewed and APPROVED the following courses to meet the regulatory requirements of KRS 216.710/ KRS 216.935. These courses are included in the mandatory six (6) hours of initial dementia training for all direct-care staff members who provide care to recipients who exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. In additon this approved bundle includes the mandatory three (3) hours of annual dementia training. All KCAL members receive a 15% discount on the annual subscription by entering promo code AHCA15 when registering Click on this link to purchase. Kentucky Purchase Link:

If you have any questions regarding the approved CARES® training, please contact Healthcare Interactive at (952) 928-7722



Not specified - 12/6/2023