AHCA-Grief, Trauma, & the Impact of COVID-19 on Res.& Staff

COVID-19 has rocked the country and the globe.  With tens of millions of confirmed cases, hundreds of thousands of deaths, and countless people who have been directly and indirectly impacted it is no wonder why trauma and grief are so high.  COVID-19 is not choosey as to who it targets but is like a wildfire burning out of control.  Regardless of whether you are in the trenches battling against the war or seeking isolation to prevent the virus from reaching you every person has been impacted.  This three part training will provide a comprehensive overview of COVID-19, as well as grief and trauma and the impact it has on residents and staff.



The three parts should be viewed sequentially and include:

Part 1 provides a brief overview of COVID-19, how it spreads, national data, how to prevent the spread, and explores grief as it relates to COVID-19.  This part reviews the five stages of grief from a COVID-19 perspective and includes an in-depth look at the role anticipatory grief can play.  Part 1 closes with strategies to help residents and staff move forward. 

Part 2 explores grief management, coping mechanisms and how to offer compassionate care.  Covid-19 trauma is explained along with the principles of trauma informed care and how those principles can practically be applied to help staff and residents.  This section concludes by offering practical strategies for managing trauma-related stress and for building resilience in staff and residents. 

Part 3 expands on building resilience, reviews the core practices for person-centered care, and explains how those principles can be applied to address the myriad challenges staff and residents face due to the pandemic.  This section also explains how creating a culture of compassion resilience among staff members can support resilience in residents. 

There are three purchase options for this three-part series:

Purchase Option #1Facility Group/Team Purchase Option (No CEs Offered) – Individual facilities can purchase this training to be viewed by their entire teams. Since this is an option designed for group/team viewing, only one person from a facility should register as the facility representative (i.e., the facility Administrator or Director of Nursing).  Once the course has been purchased, an email confirmation with next-step instructions will be sent. Access to the course will be permitted for one year from date of purchase with no CEs available for the group purchase option.  The cost is $250 for AHCA/NCAL-member facilities and $650 for non-member facilities.

Purchase Option #2Individual Purchase with CEs – Individuals also can purchase this training and receive 3.5 NAB CEs and 3.0 contact hours for nurses through the Iowa Board of Nursing.  Participants must complete all three training modules and successfully pass a final quiz with a grade of 80 or above to receive credit  The cost is $100 for AHCA/NCAL members and $450 for non-members. 

Purchase Option #3Group Purchase with CEs – Facilities/organizations may register a group of individuals who are interested in taking the training and receiving CE credit.  Each participant must complete all three training modules and successfully pass a final quiz with a grade of 80 or above to receive credit.  Discounts are offered for facilities/organizations registering five or more individuals.  Specific instructions need to be followed to successfully register multiple individuals from a single facility or organization. 

Register here for this important and timely webinar series using your AHCA/NCAL usernames and passwords.  For assistance obtaining AHCA/NCAL usernames and passwords, please e-mail [email protected] with your name and facility contact information. 

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