QAPI Prep-Translate Data into Action

Developed by AAPACN, this five-course program trains leaders and teams to provide high-value care and services while positioning your business for continuous growth and sustained performance improvement.
Get leaders and teams excited about providing high-value care and services as they engage in learning about performance improvement and achieving excellence.

QAPI is the key to continuous growth and sustained performance improvement. An effective QAPI program requires full IDT participation and a data-driven approach that can be turned into action plans that minimize risk, maximize efficiencies, and improve resident outcomes. 


This AAPACN-developed education program will help AHCA/NCAL members: 

  • Conduct a Root Cause Analysis with simple directions and realistic examples
  • Lead an effective and efficient team meeting using a tip sheet to assist with agenda preparation
  • Use team decision-making techniques that can be applied to many different situations
  • Become comfortable using data to drive improvement and prioritize what corrective actions should be taken 
  • Work through a PIP by following a realistic example of a Hand Hygiene Compliance PIP

Important Registration and Member Fee Information

There is a one-year time limit to complete the prep course from the date of registration, and the same one-year expiration pertains to the registration date to take the QCP exam. The QCP certification lasts for four years at which time individuals must pay a recertification fee and meet other requirements. To purchase the QCP examination, QAPI for Long-Term Care preparatory course, or QCP recertification fee at the member rates, AHCA/NCAL members must use special registration links below to obtain member pricing. 

Because the QCP certification program is operated through AAPACN, members should be directed to AAPACN with questions. They can visit AAPACN’s FAQs page,or contact the AAPACN Education Team at (800) 768-1880 or go to this link

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