Registration closes July 18th. KAHCF/KCAL along with our partners, Gordon Food Services and Sandridge Food Corporation, are excited to announce the first ever, KAHCF/KCAL Culinary Competition!  Does your facility have what it takes to be named the KAHCF/KCAL Top Chef?


Participants will create and prepare recipes using ingredients from a mystery box, provided by Sandridge Food Corporation. Each team will prepare one entrée, one side, one salad and a dessert for a total of four items to present.   This competition will be virtual. You will document your culinary skills through photos and videos.  KAHCF/KCAL will provide a template to guide you in creating your presentation that will be shared with our judges.

The winning facility will receive complimentary registration to the KAHCF/KCAL Annual Meeting & Expo for up to five people valued at over $1,300!


  • One entry per community. If you are part of a chain, we respectfully ask that you join forces and submit two entry per corporation.
  • Must be a member of KAHCF.
  • Up to 4 people allowed per team.(only need to register one from the facility, not all 4 at this time)
  • Team must create: one entree, one side, one salad and one dessert for a total of four different items to present.
  • All Mystery Box ingredients must be used in some way (can be used partially; not necessarily all ingredients have to be used).
  • Grocery/pantry items may be used in addition to Mystery Box ingredients provided All ingredients and recipes must be documented in final presentation More details will be included in the mystery box.


Each team will "present" their culinary creations virtually to the judges. Final entry will be judged on presentation, creativity and appetite appeal. (Taste is important, however our esteemed judges cannot taste your dish, so presentation, descriptions and creativity are crucial in this competition).

Who is judging?

Your presentation will be judged by culinary experts, Chris Willet, Culinary Specialist for GFS and Keith Amos, Culinary Chef for Sandridge Food Corporation. Also judging the competition will be Rayona Baker, Business Solutions Specialist for GFS and Tim Copeland Purchasing Consultant KY-IN for HPSI.  Teams will be judged on creativity, appetite appeal and presentation.

The Culinary Competition will be open to 21 member facilities.  Registration deadline is July 18th. Judging will take place August 16,17& 18..  Mystery boxes will be delivered by GFS to the participating facilities by August 1st.

How to Register?

In order to register, you must be logged in. Your name will be listed to the right of the search bar when logged in. You may have to re-login from the event page. Please call Mallory at 502-425-5000 x 307 if you need assistance.Please complete the attached form if you are UNABLE TO REGISTER THROUGH THE WEBSITE ONLY.


HAVE FUN and be creative!

Thank you to our sponsors:







8/16/2022 6:00 AM - 8/18/2022 8:00 AM
Eastern Daylight Time
Virtual on Line Virtual on Line
Registration is closed.